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Exciting changes underway at Body in Balance Training

In addition to the Bayly School of Reflexology practitioner diploma course at Body in Balance Training, I will soon be launching my own independent, Body in Balance Training, professional, practitioner complementary therapy courses (all insured) that go well over and above National Occupational Standards (NOS) basic level 3 practitioner requirements for complementary therapies.
Most importantly, they meet all of the performance criteria and outcomes for complementary therapies currently on the QCF (Qualifications and Credit Framework).
There will be no dumbing down, lowering of standards or short courses just to get bums on seats. Like our Facebook page for further updates if you are considering enrolling on a professional, practitioner complementary therapy course in 2015 whether or not you wish to learn a new skill or are considering a change of career with a view to becoming self-employed. Enquiries from those who wish to update their current Level 3 qualifications are also welcomed.
All …

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The four secret causes of back pain (story from WDDTY)

Chronic back pain is a mystery to medicine, and doctors invariably blame it on poor posture and lack of exercise. But it could be an indicator of a more serious problem that doctors almost never suspect, as Bryan Hubbard reports.
Most of us will suffer pain in our lower back at some time in our life; it could be constant and niggling, or it could be so excruciating that we can’t move. And although it affects 80 per cent of the adult population and results in millions of days of lost work, medicine is at a loss to explain why chronic back pain happens, other than to blame our sedentary lifestyle, poor posture and the fact that we now spend hours crouched over a computer or mobile phone.
While all of these reasons may be to blame for some cases and might be helped by exercise and remedial therapies like osteopathy and …

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New therapies!

Having successfully completed practitioner courses on Thai Foot Massage and NSL Wrap (non-surgical lipo) last weekend, I am delighted to now offer both to clients at Body in Balance.  Check them out at for more information.

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PR and Marketing

Good meeting with Bill Mair from Proof of FIfe.  Discussed PR and marketing strategy for and Body in Balance Therapies Training Centre using print media.  Played around with some great ideas.

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Fabulous session with Alasdair Aitken and his creative team at ITEK Digital. Made an executive decision to progress to a content management website, with a lot more functionality, that will reap huge benefits for my students, my therapy clients and myself. So exciting – and such a pleasure meeting Mark and Lewis.

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