Diploma in Chinese Massage for Babies and Children

Body in Balance Diploma in Chinese Massage for Babies and Children

This is a professional practitioner qualification. Once achieved you will be fully insured to practice.

This course is designed for therapists who wish to teach parents how to massage their babies and children using Chinese Massage techniques to alleviate childhood ailments.

Course Details

Courses run on request to suit student needs. There is no minimum class number and classes are restricted to a maximum of 4 students. Courses are held in Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland and further support is available following the course via Skype.

Course content

  • the basics of Chinese medical theory
  • the massage techniques
  • the massage points
  • massage plans for the most common ailments
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Principles of Professional Practice
  • setting up your practice

The massage plans are designed especially for babies and children and offer step-by-step guidance for healthcare routines for parents to follow to maintain good health, and provide a safe and effective way to practice preventive medicine.

On completion of this course Body in Balance offers an advanced course which will focus on more pathologies, in depth assessment and treatment plans, to further enhance your practitioner knowledge and understanding using Traditional Chinese Medicine theory.


Mariette Lobo has followed a successful career as a complementary therapies lecturer in further education by becoming a private training provider and now runs Body in Balance Training, a centre of excellence for fully insured, professional, practitioner courses for complementary therapists.

Course Application & Registration

Please contact me to make an appointment to discuss your interest in this course.

Please get in touch for further course details: info@mariettelobo.com

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