Body in balance Training with Mariette Lobo

Exciting changes underway at Body in Balance Training

In addition to the Bayly School of Reflexology practitioner diploma course at Body in Balance Training, I will soon be launching my own independent, Body in Balance Training, professional, practitioner complementary therapy courses (all insured) that go well over and above National Occupational Standards (NOS) basic level 3 practitioner requirements for complementary therapies.

Most importantly, they meet all of the performance criteria and outcomes for complementary therapies currently on the QCF (Qualifications and Credit Framework).

There will be no dumbing down, lowering of standards or short courses just to get bums on seats. Like our Facebook page for further updates if you are considering enrolling on a professional, practitioner complementary therapy course in 2015 whether or not you wish to learn a new skill or are considering a change of career with a view to becoming self-employed. Enquiries from those who wish to update their current Level 3 qualifications are also welcomed.

All courses strike the right balance between practical (hands on techniques and skills) & theory (knowledge & understanding to fully support your client therapy experience as well as encourage further specialist study) and are, consequently, both academic and vocational in nature. They will be assessed through formal exams and the completion of practical assignments including case studies, under the scrutiny of internal and external verifiers who “quality assure” Body in Balance Training.

You will work hard (be prepared to make some sacrifices to apply yourself to your course) but will be well supported with your studies in between face to face contact sessions using virtual classroom technology (sound and vision). The latter might be particularly appealing to overseas students who will still have to fulfil face to face teaching/learning hours – however, these can be arranged to fit in with your own travel and other commitments and so offer the flexibility you may require. Body in Balance Training offers bespoke courses (including pre-course sessions for those who have been out of the study loop for a while and wish to upgrade their IT and study skills) and welcomes enquiries from those who thrive on one-on-one teaching.

The maximum number of students is 4.