Anatomy and Physiology at Body in Balance Training

Why students choose Body in Balance courses

So many choices: different exam boards, course content, course length, locations and price- how do you choose?

I recently had a call from a student who had signed up to a complementary therapy practitioner course that didn’t live up to promises made or her expectations. She contacted one of my former students and then made the decision to cut her losses and start afresh at Body in Balance Training.

Some of the points that influenced her decision to start all over again on a Body in Balance Training course:

  • The passion and enthusiasm of the tutor who is professional, helpful, friendly and courteous.
  • Mariette also has a teaching qualification and considerable teaching experience so not only knows her subject but also how to teach it!
  • She is also very well qualified, knowledgeable and informative – “really knows her stuff”
  • She runs her own practitioner clinic as well as a robust CPD programme for practicing, professional therapists so is fully “hands on” and understands the industry well – especially how to set up in business.
  • Location – lovely locality and teaching premises with no parking issues.
  • The track record of the training centre –recognised within the industry as being a quality training provider
  • The qualifications offered (recognised in the UK not least for insurance purposes)
  • The course content – these are not quick, “short courses” where the bulk of the knowledge is presented as “self-study” (whether in e-format or a pile of documents) rather than taught.
  • Flexibility – the courses are bespoke
  • Small classes (maximum 4 students) – for those who thrive in small learning environments – some don’t and might prefer larger classes
  • Competitive pricing (the courses are not bursary or ILA funded)
  • Lots of supervised practical experience with the unique opportunity to practise on the tutor and receive valuable feedback on technique
  • Clients with a variety of disorders on face to face teaching modules
  • 100 treatment sessions which gives the student complete confidence to see clients as soon as s/he has achieved and qualified
  • Meaningful assignments that aren’t just tick box exercises but carefully selected and planned to progress the student towards setting up in practice
  • Lots of online support between face to face teaching modules
  • Lots of mentoring and support post-course which encourages students to tackle “complex” cases without fear
  • Encouraged to develop critical thinking rather than following a “recipe”

Full details of Body in Balance Training Courses are available here.

Alternatively, please email me for a course registration form or if you have any questions.