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Bowen Technique

A gentle technique suitable for most conditions

This is a versatile and effective technique for realigning and balancing the body. A classic Bowen Treatment consists of small, rolling movements over skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments at precise points on the body, using only the amount of pressure appropriate for the individual. No hard-tissue manipulation or force is needed or used.

A treatment session lasts up to an hour, and is administered through light clothing with the client sitting, standing or lying. Rather than “making” the body change, Bowen “asks” the body to recognise and make the changes it requires. Between each of moves, the body is allowed to rest for a few minutes to allow it to absorb the information it has received and initiate the healing process. Many clients become so relaxed they fall asleep during the treatment.

Bowen Therapy has a remarkable record of success with clients affected by an astonishingly wide range of problems – often when nothing else has helped. It helps the body’s systems rebalance and promotes healing. Bowen is suitable for men, women and children of all ages.

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After the treatment, the difference I felt was massively significant and allowed me to complete the event without any adverse effects

Cyclist Ian Donaldson

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